There are some things you just need to know before diving into the freelancing scene. If you’re new to the world of contracting and keeping your own hours, there are definitely some things you’ll want to keep in mind as you walk into the unknown. Here we go!

Nothing is a “One Time” Project

It’s easy as a freelancer to fall into the thought of “this is just a one time job”. But if there’s anything you want to take away from this, it’s that NOTHING is a one time project. More and more businesses are integrating freelancers into the natural workflow. Oftentimes if you do right by someone and do great work, they’ll hire you again and again and perhaps even send more work your way from people who need it. Don’t look at something as temporary. For all you know, you might be hired full time by someone you’re freelancing for now.

Think Outside the Box

The cool thing about freelancing is that you can literally work anywhere. You’re not tied down to jobs in your area. What’s better than making your own schedule, choosing which jobs you want to do, deciding where you want to work and being your own boss? Freelancing allows you to think outside the box in a way few really can. And that’s why solopreneurship just may be the future of business as we know it.

Get Used to Rejection

Sounds awful, I know. But when it comes to freelancing, you need to get used to rejection as well as saying no. Sometimes there’s just too much work. Sometimes you will get turned away because you don’t have the experience or credentials to make someone confident enough to hire you. Sometimes it’s because you aren’t local or might not be able to meet a certain goal of the company you’re hoping to work with. If you get used to the rejection, it’ll come less as a sting and you can keep moving forward with confidence, which is what most business owners look for when considering freelancers.

Always, Always Communicate

When you’re freelancing, it is imperative that you keep the communication lines open in between you and your employer. Just like a real boss, they’ll want to know what you’re doing and how you plan on doing it, as well as how much time it will take to work on certain projects. Be open. Be understanding. And always, always communicate.


When it comes to freelancing, your opportunities can be endless as long as you follow some basic ground rules. Freelancing can sound like a walk in the park to someone who hasn’t done it before, but keep in mind that there are a lot of loose strings and hard decisions that have to be made. Either way, if you make the most of your opportunities, you can go a long way. Enjoy the world of freelancing!